June 13, 2024 Madinaty Sports Club, Cairo, 10 - 16 December 2022


This venue is used to host sport events, and is for example the venue of Paris/Issy Handball team. For the WWTC2016, the venue will be fitted out for squash. A glass court will be set up, and stands will enable a full capacity of 1000 spectators.


The Palais des Sports is the key venue of the WWTC2016. It will host two group stage matches, and all the games of the main draw, including the final. Both opening ceremonies and closing meal will both happen in this venue.

Besides the competition, a partners village will be set up to entertain spectators with different stands and little shows by locals. Spectators will also be able to buy food on site.

This modern venue will be the theatre of a great show for squash, and is made so that everyone feels confortable during the event !

How to get to the Palais des Sports ?

6 Boulevard des Frères Voisin

Public transport access
RER C – stop “Issy – Val de Seine” (10min walk)
Metro 12 – stop “Corentin Celton” (11min walk)

Parking is difficult around the Palais des Sports, prefer public transports.