FunFact: England Vicky Lust now coaches Canada!

So nice to see Vicky again, I’ll never forget her fear of birds in Sharm el Sheik a few years ago, which prompted us to say “why did Lusty want to go on the other side?”. Silly, I know… Sue us.

Still, now settled in Canada, a new mum as well, she talks about her life in Canada, and what she feels she can bring to the Canadian girls.

“I’ve lived in Canada for about ten years. When I was playing, my coach was out there and that’s where I met my partner. We have a ten-month-old girl, she’s very cute! My partner’s a nurse but she’s on maternity leave right now, she played squash for Canada in Juniors.

“I was living in Canada and playing for England, I’ve been coaching since I got there. I was coaching and playing.
“This is my first coaching job for Team Canada but I’ve been working and coaching in Canada since I got there. I’m based in Vancouver Island, Victoria, now. As far west as you can go!

“As far as my role in the Canadian Team is concerned, I think I bring my experience to the team, playing for England, Canada have always been finishing in the top eight or just outside, whereas England have always been medal contenders. So maybe bringing a bit more of that experience to the team.

“Obviously, having lived in Canada for a long time, I’ve known everyone and we’re good friends as well. I think that coach-player element, with someone who’s been there and done it as well.”