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2016 Women’s World Team Championship Final



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Day 6 : 03/12

Preview of the final by Howard Harding

Look back into the Egypt v England rivalry with Raneem El Welily

Raneem El Welily beats Sarah-Jane Perry: 3-1 (12-10, 11-4, 11-6)

5:58pm: This 2016 WWTC will end with a deciding match. 4-0 in the H2H for Raneem El Welily.

6:12pm: Match about to start.

1st game: Very positive start from SJ Perry and El Welily seems a bit tense … 6-2 … 7-4 … We said Rally of the week in the previous match but this was not bad either, Raneem coming back to 7-8 … 10-10 … Perry was ahead in the whole game but El Welily used all her magic to clinch this one. The rally at 7-8 was key, Perry struggled to recover afterwards. 1-0 Egypt.


2nd game: Amazing start from El Welily who goes 8-2 up in a blink of an eye … Lots of unforced errors of her opponent, losing the first game was obviously difficult for Perry … 11-4 Egypt, one game away from the World Team title!

3rd game: 4-4 … Crowd on the edge of their seat after a monster of a rally, 7-6 El Welily … Match El Welily 11-6.


Nouran Gohar beats Alison Waters: 3-1 (11-6, 11-4, 12-10)

The match ball on slow motion

5:07pm: Knock-up just started. 2-1 for Waters in the H2H but Gohar won their last encounter in Hong Kong a few months ago, 3-0.

1st game: As usual, Nouran Gohar is hitting every ball with intent but Waters absorbing well so far, 2-2, … We are treated with a quality match so far, 5-3 Gohar … 7-5 Gohar who is keeping a 2 point cushion … 11-6 Gohar, 1-0 Egypt.

2nd game: 4-2 Gohar … RALLY OF THE WEEK ending with a let …Still 6-4 Gohar, court being cleaned … 9-4 Gohar … The Egyptian player came back ridiculously strong after the interruption and is now 2-0 up.

3rd game: Alison Waters starting the 3rd game well and leading 5-4 … Another long rally ending with a stroke to Gohar who levels at 5-all … What a backhand kill from the Egyptian, 6-6 … Another one but on the forehand, 8-7 Gohar … Nice backhand drop from Waters, 8-8 … 10-10, tie-break, two game balls saved by Gohar … The match finishes with Waters tinning the ball on the right front of the court. Match Gohar, SJ Perry and Raneem El Welily will play the decider!


Laura Massaro beats Nour El Sherbini: 3-1 (9-11, 11-5, 11-6, 11-6)

4:01pm: The two players about to start the knock-up …

4:08pm: Laura Massaro and Nour El Sherbini are on court, ready to start the match …

1st game: The final started on a funny note, the referee announcing “Laura Massaro, from Egypt, to serve” which made the England number one smile … El Sherbini started like a stream train, playing at an incredible pace, 6-1 … Massaro now makes her move, 8-10 … 10-9, El Sherbini finds a wonderful length on the forehand side and converts her fourth game ball. 11-9.


2nd game: Good start from Massaro, 5-3 … Combination of El Sherbini making a few mistakes and Massaro playing much better, finding some nice attacking shots. The English girl levels at 1 game-all.

3rd game: Crucial game, the interferences are becoming more frequent, 5-2 Massaro … More and more decisions, and the two players are talking to each other, 6-4 Massaro … Best rally of the match won by Massaro, 9-4 … Sherbini clawing back 6-9 … Game Massaro who came back really strong after a difficult start of the match. 2-1 England.

img_4168 img_4180

4th game: 2-1 Massaro … 5-3 Massaro … Tight ball from the English girl on the forehand side, 6-3 … Massaro now 2 points away … 4 match balls at 10-6 … Match Massaro 11-6.


Brilliant performance from Laura Massaro who recovered from a poor start to beat the world number 1 in 4 games. She puts her team ahead and one match away from retaining their world title.