Day ONE: Seeds sail through opening round

Seed sail through Day One in Dalian

No worries for the seeded teams in the afternoon session as Egypt, England, New Zealand and Canada open up with 3-0 wins, all 12 matches finishing 3-0, with England’s Laura Massaro coming through against  Satomi Watanabe 12-10, 13-11, 12-10 !

The pattern continued in the evening as USA, France, Malaysia and Hong Kong all won 3-0, with USA’s Olivia Blatchford the only winner of the day to drop a game!

Day One Matches


14.00, CC1, B, [2] England 3-0 [10] Japan
14.00, CC2, A, [1] Egypt 3-0 [9] Australia
14.00, C1, A, [8] Canada 3-0 Germany
14.00, C2, B, [7] New Zealand 3-0 Finland
18.00, CC1, C, [3] USA 3-0 [11] India
18.00, CC2, C, [6] France 3-0 China
18.00, C1, D, [4] Malaysia 3-0 [12] South Africa
18.00, C2, D, [5] Hong Kong 3-0 Switzerland




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